We have many different funnels and promotions for you to take advantage of. This allows you the opportunity to choose what works for your list, We also provide our Affiliate Partners with exclusive information on upcoming promotions.

We automatically send our customers through upsells and additional promotions. If they purchase or subscribe to a new product, you are awarded the commission for the sale. You receive commission for new product purchases for the life of that client.

The WebinarJam Main Funnel

This is the main WebinarJam funnel. Your customer will pay $479 for a year subscription, for which you will receive 40% after the 30 day money back guarantee has passed.

Get Your Affiliate Link And Promotional Tools For This Funnel

The WebinarJam $1 Trial

Your customer is given a $1 trial for the first 60 days of their subscription. On the 61st day, they are billed $479 for the year. After the 30 day guarantee has expired, you will receive 40% of the sale. Your audience may convert better with the $1 trial than the free trial.

Get Your Affiliate Link And Promotional Tools For This Funnel
60 day $1 trial
Limited Time Only

30,000 Members and Growing

The Webinar Vision Promotion

Webinar Vision is a training webinar that gives actionable information on how to run effective sales webinars. This content was originally paid access only, so it has a high intrinsic value. The offer at the end of the webinar is a bundled WebinarJam/EverWebinar membership, along with a stack of valuable bonuses. Affiliates receive a fixed commission of $200 for sales of this bundle offer. All you have to do as an affiliate is offer this webinar training for free.

What we’ll cover in this event...

  • Information Compiled From Interviewing 26 of the Top Webinar Marketers in the World
  • 70% Registration Rates - Registration Page Tactics that Maximize Curiosity and Compel the Click
  • 80% SHOW Rates - How to Make Sure they Attend.
  • My Secret Webinar Structure that Gets Everyone to Stay Till the End
  • 200% Additional Sales AFTER the Live Webinar? My Secret Encore and Replay Strategy
  • Conversion Actions You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Double or even Triple Webinar Promotion Profits
  • Prepare to take notes - mark your calendar and make sure to attend LIVE
  • This is Andy's Gift to YOU. All you have to do is show up!