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What’s New

The good news keeps on coming! The Grand Opening of the All New WebinarJam takes webinars to where they’ve never gone before. See for yourself.

  • WebinarJam

    JamSession™ Technology The all-new WebinarJam now comes with the highest quality live streaming technology available. The JamSession Room - our command center - is powered by the latest Signal Broadcasting tech (The JamCast Engine). So now, all THIS is possible …

  • WebinarJam

    Broadcast directly where your audience lives. Choose between Facebook Live, YouTube, or the secure JamCast Live Broadcast Network.

  • WebinarJam

    Attendee Spotlight: The ultimate in audience member visibility and versatility! Now audience members can be invited to speak, share a screen, a webcam, their presentation and more. Perfect for quick testimonials, Q&A, and case studies.

  • WebinarJam

    Brand-spanking new email automation, registration pages, and template gallery. Our new page builder provides even more customization options so you can match colors, fonts, and images to support your brand.

With all this, plus a ton of other awesome advances and upgrades to strategically boost the profitability of every webinar, generous commissions and some exciting Grand Opening bonuses, it's a great time to introduce your followers to the ALL NEW WEBINARJAM.

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Over $20,000 in cash and prizes for winning affiliates

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Subject Line:

The ugly truth about webinar hosting costs…

Alternate Subject lines:

The new WebinarJam is NOT what you think…

This is why webinar hosts charge too much…

FIXED: The one problem holding you back….



It can’t have escaped your notice that over the last 12 months or so every entrepreneur has started using webinars to grow their business.

And it’s not just the big guns that are getting involved.


From the FT100 companies pitching multi-million contracts, to the solopreneur selling custom jewelry out of his basement. And virtually every business type in between.

If you think about it, it’s a natural progression from using video to sell products and services online. Because what is a webinar but a video streamed live?

It’s all the benefits of a regular video sales letter, but delivered in an interactive format, with the atmosphere and excitement of a live event.

In fact, there are really only two hurdles that prevent business owners from trying webinars, or that have stopped those that HAVE tried it from making the webinar strategy work:

**Click HERE if you’re in a hurry: {YourAffiliateLink}**

1) Struggling to organize and present webinars in a productive manner.

2) The ridiculous, OVER THE TOP, expense that webinar hosts usually charge.

The first hurdle isn’t actually too big a deal. A bit of practice, a few tutorials, and everything soon slots into place.

But the second hurdle – the extortionate costs – is the one that is REALLY tripping people up.

Think about it…

If it takes you presenting, say, six webinars to really start to get good at them, but by the time you’ve done two, your host has already billed you hundreds or even thousands of dollars…

Then you’re stuck.

Or rather you’re broke.

Or, at the very least, you’re wondering whether to keep going would be throwing good money after bad. THIS is the reason I’m writing to you today.

PRICE is the ONE issue that is holding back entrepreneurs, like yourself, from embracing a webinar strategy. And… well…

Not to put too fine a point on it…

It’s been fixed.

So, here it comes…

If you want to know HOW it’s been fixed (as well as the ridiculous reason why other webinar hosts HAVEN’T fixed the problem), all you have to do is watch this free video.


VIDEO: The Truth About Webinar Hosting Costs


P.S. If you heard that the NEW WebinarJam was coming soon and you were under the impression that it was going to be a re-skin and a few extra bits and bob, you’re in for a MASSIVE, but very pleasant, surprise…


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The All-New WebinarJam Grand Opening is LIVE!


Three words that will forever change your business …


Did you know a few short words can totally change your life? It’s true. For example, the three words us humans long to hear, “I love you.”

The All-New WebinarJam Grand Opening is LIVE!

Even the more cynically-inclined words, “told you so” contain value. But whatever you do, avoid THESE three words at all cost: “that looks infected.”

Business-wise, words matter even MORE. Just ask anyone who’s mastered the “one-to-many” model. They know all about the real power of webinars and live events. Truth is, nothing grows your business better or faster than webinars. And nothing beats the sheer excitement from more subscribers and customers rolling in each time you do one.

That being said, what three words BEST describe your ideal webinar service?

Reliable. Affordable. Easy. (Probably?)

Engaging. Enrolling. Converting. (That’s good, too.)

Fast. Flexible. Uber-Interactive. (Hey, that’s four words, you’re cheating, lol)

Truth is, all of those descriptions should be true. Especially considering what some webinar hosts charge. But they’re not. Good thing that changes. Right here. Right now.

Today marks a new era for webinars: welcome to the all new WebinarJam!

The full scope and sheer power of WebinarJam instantly makes all those descriptions a glorious reality.

See how webinars just changed FOREVER {YourAffiliateLink}

Because when the brains behind WebinarJam set the bar THIS high, these three words only seem natural …

Everyone. Everywhere. Everything. (They’re serious folks.)

Everyone. As in webinars for everyone. Technology hurdles removed. Attendees added in automated and innovative ways. Six presenters at ONCE? Yes! NO one gets left behind. Especially with a robust autoresponder and SMS messaging built right in.

Everywhere. As in your visibility skyrocketing from streaming to Facebook Live, YouTube Live and more. Works with all browsers, OS and devices. Your attendees have nothing to download. So there's no blocker to them enjoying a smooth webinar experience.

Everything. As in everything you can possibly want, imagine or didn’t know was possible. A full broadcast command center rivaling an entire studio. Done. Webinar setup with 6 clicks in 30 seconds? Ditto.

There are even display enhancements out the wazoo. (Video injections, full Whiteboard functionality, picture in picture, and more.) Stunning registration pages and automation every step of the way.

The webinar software of your dreams has finally been created...

The All New WebinarJam Grand Opening is LIVE. Go NOW {YourAffiliateLink}

As a MAJOR bonus, you also get instant access to an entire vault of training materials on how to create, run and market successful webinars from the get go.

Remember those three words I started this email with? Well, just imagine how you’ll feel when your tribe says, “I love you” thanks to WebinarJam. And you know what I’ll say, right?

Told you so!

So, go and watch in wonder as webinars finally achieve everything you thought they could.


P.S. The all-new WebinarJam is like no other webinar platform around – at any price! The Grand Opening is your opportunity to get in and cash in on the video broadcasting revolution. Don’t miss it!


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Subject Line:

Andy Jenkins is leaving WebinarJam!

Alternate Subject lines:

Andy Jenkins has left WebinarJam!

Andy Jenkins and WebinarJam part ways?

Episode 1: The Webinar Redemption



Remember when Andy Jenkins left Stompernet?

And then he blogged about it?

And everyone read it and was like, “Nah, come on, dude… what really happened?”

Well, it’s kind of happened again…

Andy is leaving WebinarJam (or maybe he’s already left – not sure). Except this time, Andy’s not even TRYING to pretend like everything was amicable.

Trust me… this story is going to make WAVES!

I don’t even want to tell you anything more at this point. You just need to see the video he’s made for you.

Please, please, please… watch this vid and THEN come back and read the rest of this email. I’m going to tell you why this news is important, but you need to see the video FIRST!


… …

… … …

Have you watched it?

Seriously, don’t read any further until you’ve watched the video.

… …

… … …

So, yeah…

Andy might be spreading rumors that he’s left WebinarJam and fled to Canada, but it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is a carefully directed launch plan.

I don’t know exactly how these videos are going to tie in to Andy supposedly fleeing the country and leaving his business behind…

But it’s going to be a lot of fun finding out!

Andy Jenkins is known for orchestrating unusual, ground-breaking (and highly successful) product launches, and it looks like he’s trying something completely new.

And if that doesn’t stimulate your marketing taste buds and get you excited, you’re probably in the wrong industry. Whatever you think of WebinarJam and webinars (and I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you on this subject in a few days), this is a launch that you’re going to want to keep a close eye on.

It might – MIGHT – just change the way we think about product launches forever.

The next video is in a couple of days; I’ll send you the link as soon as it’s up.

In the meanwhile…

I recommend watching the video again. This stuff is freakin’ hilarious!



P.S. Don’t worry, this isn’t some tawdry gossip you’re being asked to watch.

This is just Internet Marketing at its purest: attention-grabbing, memorable, and unforgettable. You don't want to miss it.


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Finally: Webinars for EVERYONE (that means you)


Welcome to the virtual stage, you star you


You only pull-off webinars for everyone by thinking of everything. And making it a stone-cold reality while the competition lumbers on with outdated technology.

How best to describe this BIG-time upleveling of your ability to Livecast, Event Stream and Webinar Broadcast?

This video reveals a surprising take on it all {YourAffiliateLink}

Finally: Webinars for EVERYONE

You do know WebinarJam already has some serious mojo, right? Some 30,000 customers, over 282,000 produced webinars, and a list of innovation firsts.

Well here’s another first and it’s HUGE.

Take a first look at the grand opening of the all-new WebinarJam -- it just blew me away. And it will you, too.

The entire webinar process has been major-league improved, optimized and built upon one helluva beast of a broadcast engine.

But let’s not go all techy just yet.

Otherwise, the real reason you need WebinarJam will get overlooked. And that’s getting more business busting down the door! All from cranking it up to 11 on the exposure and visibility meter, thanks to your live video events.

And best yet, greater interactivity with your subscribers and customers puts money in your pocket and ear-to-ear smiles on their faces. (Because you are solving their problems.)

Get seen everywhere, by everyone!

Now you have the ability to stream any live video event or webinar EVERYWHERE … to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, even WebinarJam’s own private and secure service. And wait until you see how WebinarJam’s cool toolset works right within Facebook. There’s nothing else like it.

And that’s just the beginning. Because there are dozens of new features and enhancements with the all new WebinarJam!

Can you believe the most technologically advanced webinar hosting solution on the planet is yours for a price that’s less than what others charge PER MONTH?

You WILL after watching this video {YourAffiliateLink}

This Grand Opening is a slam dunk of getting the most while paying the least. You simply won’t find a better offer on WebinarJam than NOW. Especially now with THIS big time bonus: an entire suite of expert training materials to create, test, produce and market your webinar like a pro. Even done for you presentation templates are included.

So, take a look and enjoy the show!


P.S. The all-new WebinarJam is here! Nothing has been left out. NO one is left behind. Here’s the link to the first video to see for yourself (you wouldn’t believe me otherwise.)


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Subject Line:

Andy Jenkins orchestrates WebinarJam launch from safe house

Alternate Subject lines:

Andy Jenkins is chief suspect in donut heist

The New WebinarJam is coming… hide your mothers

Episode 2: A Fistful of WebinarJam



It looks like this one is dividing the masses.

Some people think it’s crazy. Some people think it’s genius.

And almost no one is on the fence.

Which, on its own, without even looking any closer, tells you that this unusual launch strategy is working.

Because if people are TALKING about your launch without you even being there to stir the debate…

That is the very DEFINITION of a successful marketing campaign!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about (where have you been, dude?), click the link below, go back and watch the first video (Episode One) to see what all the fuss is about.


And if you’ve already seen Episode One then you should also click on the link because Episode Two is online and… it just gets weirder and weirder.

In fact, you’ve probably already clicked on it and I’m talking to myself right now.

Never mind…

I’m going to go and watch it again myself.



P.S. There is a serious side to all this, but I’ll tell you about it in a couple of days.

For now, just enjoy the show…


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I predict ZERO downloads for this amazing software


Whatever you do NEVER download this software

We dare you to download this webinar software


What’s wrong with me? Since when do I encourage failure?

Since NEVER. I said that to prove a point …

That point that is expressed so, uh, unconventionally in this video {YourAffiliateLink}

The point is THIS: what if the world’s most advanced webinar software required ZERO downloads? Ever. To infinity and beyond and back again. And still no downloads required.

I predict ZERO downloads for this amazing software

Andy Jenkins, the genius behind the all-new WebinarJam, has lots more up his sleeve. Not to mention a surprise or two in his back pocket.

That’s because the tech behind WebinarJam runs laps around the competition. They’re not even in the same race anymore.

Here’s why ...

WebinarJam is an all-browser, OS and device friendly webinar software solution. No wonder the collective rallying cry has become

Webinars for Everyone! (Kinda like the “we scream for ice cream” mantra, without the lactose intolerance.)

How so? View this video {YourAffiliateLink}

I’ll wait. Go watch the video now then return to this email.

You see, downloading software can be hazardous to your computer!

(If you didn't watch the video yet, I bet you'll go see what I mean now! {YourAffiliateLink} ).

Remember Murphy’s Law? Whatever CAN go wrong WILL go wrong.

So let’s play out the scenario that’s a lose-lose proposition for webinar presenter and attendee alike.

No one wants to be STUCK. That’s like getting put on hold for one of the most important phone calls of your life.

Downloading raises both red flags and questions. Who wants to download unknown software? Will it work with your system? What about those viewing the webinar? Did the software download successfully? Did virus protection interfere with downloading? Did the registrant simply leave when they found out they had to download software from a company they don't know or trust?

Installation is no breeze either. And keep in mind you and your tribe must repeat the entire cycle again and again and again with every software update.


You know what you need loaded on your computer to run WebinarJam?

A browser! That’s it.

Save yourself some major headaches. Save yourself some major bucks. Get WebinarJam today. {YourAffiliateLink}

When you do, you’ll love how the system adjusts playback resolution for attendees with different qualities of internet connection. It's all done for you intelligently, automatically. Privately. Securely. And yes, affordably!


P.S. You know why you need webinar software, right?

Because webinars are the perfect catalyst to build your business, your following, your authority, and your ability to make smart, timely and money-saving decisions.

WebinarJam’s no download feature is one of dozens of must-have updates and enhancements. Come discover your new favorite software, webinar or otherwise: {YourAffiliateLink}

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Subject Line:

A little more WebinarJam, a few less donuts.

Alternate Subject lines:

A genuine Mea Culpa

Please can we start focusing on the New WebinarJam now…

Episode 3: Lord of the Webinars



I’m not even going to try and compete for your attention.

So, go and watch Episode 3 now. Then, please come back and read the rest of this email for some important information.


It’s another great video. Smart. Funny. And enough info about the NEW WebinarJam to keep everyone on topic.

And THAT, in my opinion, is one of the important takeaways from this unusual launch video sequence.

Because it may look like everyone is having a great time (and I’ve no doubt that they had a LOT of fun writing and shooting these mini-movies), but don’t doubt for a minute that a great deal of thought has gone into producing something that is going to effectively promote WebinarJam.

Bear in mind that this isn’t just a software upgrade. This new version of WebinarJam is a completely new build with new features and a new secure and stable hosting platform.

That’s a TOUGH message to communicate.

At a cursory glance, you might think this is just a re-launch or a facelift. You have to look closer to see that this is an entirely new piece of software.

And what this video series is doing is compelling people to keep looking and keep watching, long enough that they GET that this is something new.

People might be coming to watch the story unfold and to have a chuckle, but they’re also repeatedly seeing the WebinarJam logo, the word “NEW,” as well as a concise showcase of some of WebinarJam’s most compelling features.

If you care at all about improving your abilities as an entrepreneur and marketer, do yourself a favor and watch the video again. And note how the video seamlessly blends entertainment with marketing content.

Here’s your link to get inside {YourAffiliateLink}


P.S. If you missed my last couple of emails, you can still go back and watch the first two episodes. Just click the link below to access the latest episode, and you’ll also find links to the previous installments.


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Since when can webinar software do ALL this?


Really? A webinar software that does all this?

More than webinar software. Your own studio control center.

Going beyond webinar software. Like stratosphere beyond…


I raised that question and will raise you again (poker reference) with the answer delivered by...

This offbeat, yet amazingly dead-on, video {YourAffiliateLink}

Remember the old days? The really old days? When dinosaurs roamed the earth? OK, not that old ...

But old enough when webinar software only delivered a slide presentation? From one presenter you never saw on camera? Where, more often than not, the presentation reminded you of bad cell coverage (think “you’re breaking up”) because of listening through a tin-can audio

Since when can webinar software do ALL this

So, why are those old days still around, TODAY?

And why do businesses like yours pay for out-of-date, clunky software, anyway?

Screw that noise!

Enter the all new WebinarJam. Exit headaches, outrageous fees and lower conversions.

Listen, I get it. Software runs our businesses. That includes marketing, operations, financials, communications. I even use software to improve focus by telling me when to work, and when to take break.
Some even use it to shut them out of sites (like Facebook) during working hours.

So, how do you decide which software ultimately makes the cut?

Try making the distinction between a “nice to have” and a “must have.”

Usually, your webinar software platform is a "nice to have" software. You don't NEED to host webinars to run your business… but since live events are the most effective way to promote your products and services… it's a "must have" for any business that wants to be successful.

But only the RIGHT webinar software reaches the elevation to "Must Have".



WebinarJam delivers a more engaging and enrolling platform. Presenting like you’ve never presented before with up to 6 on-screen presenters at once. (Yup, just like on Cable TV News.)

The robust feature set of the all new WebinarJam compares to actual broadcast studio capabilities. Especially with the ability to flawlessly insert multiple pre-recorded videos, whiteboard to your heart’s content, and much more.

What can you do with this technology? What can’t you do is a better question. WebinarJam's abundant tools means your presentation is limited only by your imagination.

That’s why if I could only pick one software to buy for the entire year, it would be WebinarJam.


P.S. WebinarJam’s webinar software technology is unrivaled for both marketing features (like email autoresponders, SMS messaging, password protected webinars) and with live event features (such as 6 High def presenters on screen at once, seamless playing of pre-recorded video, slides loaded into the cloud, file sharing, whiteboard options and more.) You gotta see this: {YourAffiliateLink}

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Subject Line:

Andy Jenkins will haunt your dreams…

Alternate Subject lines:

WebinarJam will haunt your dreams…

WebinarJam! Because websites are overrated.

Episode 4: The Blair Webinar Project



I can’t even begin to think up something intelligent to say about this…

Apparently, product launches are now being delivered through the medium of… horror movies?

When Andy Jenkins said he may have CROSSED a line, I’m starting to think he was correct.

TRIGGER WARNING: Click the link below at your own peril.



P.S. There is an interesting side point to this video…

The point-and-click registration page builder, the SMS notification system, and the full-featured email autoresponder mentioned in the video can effectively be combined into a fully-functional business.

In other words, you can connect your PayPal account to your WebinarJam account and you could then run a business without even having to spend time and energy building a website.

Hey, look at that! I did have something intelligent to say :-)


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Self-contained marketing system? YES.


Your total webinar marketing system in a box

True or False: Build it and they will come…(answer inside)


In the movie “Field of Dreams” remember that mysterious, hushed voice whispering to Kevin Costner, “Build it and they will come.” They did come. But, that only happens in the movies, right?

Because It’s all too obvious said mystery voice had never done a webinar! Everyone knows even with the best presentation in the world, where will the traffic come to watch it – either LIVE or via replay?

This video offers a weirdly compelling answer to THAT question {YourAffiliateLink}

Because guess what happens when you try to “put butts in virtual seats” with most webinar software platforms? Not NEARLY as much as what SHOULD happen.

Self-contained marketing system

Most webinar software registration pages look like they’re designed by engineers, not expert web designers deploying the latest conversion tactics. Email follow-up, such as it is, is often bare bones. And many webinar hosts don’t even offer SMS Messaging as an automated and timely reminder for attendees.

Not to worry. Because the all new WebinarJam leaves those ill-suited competitors in the digital dust with these new advancements:

● Beautifully designed, Point and Click Registration pages tested for higher conversions (an entire template gallery awaits)

● A fully-loaded autoresponder system with powerful AI traits -- it actually “learns” based on audience behavior!

● Robust SMS Messaging built-right in

If today’s webinar software ties you up in knots or you’ve held off with the hope something better would emerge, guess what, something DID:

See it right here and never look back: {YourAffiliateLink}

Because, just like the movies, you’ll get your happy ending as a new WebinarJam customer.

You’ll thank me later. Perhaps sooner …


P.S. There’s more than whiz-bang technology here, folks. It’s decision time on the path your business ultimately takes. The route to more prospects, customers, subscribers and tribe-building 24/7 starts and ends here: {YourAffiliateLink}

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Subject Line:

The truth about webinar hosting prices

Alternate Subject lines:

How does WebinarJam keep its prices so low?

Is this why most webinar hosting is overpriced?

Episode 5: Dial ‘W’ for Webinar



This might be my favorite video so far!

Take a look and then please come back and read the rest of this email.

Because there’s an important piece of information hidden in the video that you might miss first time around. I’ll reveal what it is below…


… …

…. … …

All done?

Nice Hitchcock reference, right?

But did you spot the really important part?

This video is making a point about WebinarJam being an affordable solution and making a reasonable argument for why they’re able to offer such competitive pricing.

But just before that part, Andy hints that Jeffrey (our long-suffering audience surrogate) already knows WebinarJam is the right solution but is just being stubborn.

It’s a gag, sure, but there’s a critical kernel of truth in there…

If you’ve previously considered WebinarJam and dismissed it, or contemplated adding webinars to your marketing toolkit but rejected the idea…

You need to ask yourself why?

Webinars are considered by most marketers to be one of the most cost-effective and profitable routes to market.

Whether you’re selling high-end products to a small but wealthy market, or selling lower-priced products to a large audience with a modest income…

Webinars get the job done!

In terms of quality market contact, establishing yourself as an expert in your field, and having the ability sell directly to a warm audience, there is no better online marketing strategy than a webinar campaign.

So, what’s held you back until now?

If it’s cost, you should know that WebinarJam’s pricing options have made the technology more affordable than ever.

If it’s technology anxiety, you should know that WebinarJam runs directly from a web browser, eliminating the need for complex software downloads.

And if it’s concerns over learning how to become a live presenter, you should know that WebinarJam membership includes comprehensive training material.

In a few days, the NEW WebinarJam Grand Opening is going to close and, with it, will end some exclusive new membership offers.

Meaning there’s never been a better time to step up your marketing game and get into webinars as a marketing and selling strategy.

Plus, you’ll avoid the risk of Andy putting the moves on your Mom.

So there’s that…



P.S. I’m reliably informed that the next video is the last one.

Keep an eye on your Inbox for the next couple of days.


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Webinar software this good for only this much?


You can pay to play. Or pay to play with uber-cool toys. Your choice.


There is a universal law about technology evolution. What often starts out expensive and feature-poor becomes more affordable and feature-rich over time.

Hey, wait a minute! Did some webinar software companies NOT get the memo?

In the beginning, their software was ultra-pricey and screamed “dealbreaker” for businesses like ours.

Webinar software this good for only this much?

Good thing this video sets the record straight, weird angle and all {YourAffiliateLink}

You know how things should work? Take flat screen TV’s. Now you get more features at less expense than ever before. But webinar software? Not so much.

Until Now!

With the all-new, all powerful, always affordable WebinarJam!

Now, here’s a webinar platform built for today. And tomorrow. Not just in the performance of superior technology, but where it really counts. Right in the ‘ol bank account.

Because the price of the robust, feature-rich WebinarJam for an entire year is what other webinar hosts ding you PER MONTH.


I’m not kidding. {YourAffiliateLink}

You always have a choice in tools for you business. So let me ask you this, and don’t take this the wrong way …

What role do you play in your market? Do you just take up space? Or are you expanding your turf and gaining ground on any and all fronts?

The all new WebinarJam is the best I’ve seen. Especially with their live video broadcast super engine at the ready.

So, get in while the getting’s good and the price is the lowest it will ever be.


P.S. Only WebinarJam features the best combination of technology and price you’ll find anywhere. Told ‘ya: {YourAffiliateLink}

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Subject Line:

The final WebinarJam video…

Alternate Subject lines:

The NEW WebinarJam Grand Opening is almost over…

Where in the world is Andy Jenkins?

Episode 6: The Webinar Strikes Back



So, we now know why Andy has allegedly fled the country. If you haven’t already caught it online (these videos are flying through social media), here’s the final video.

As always, come back when you’re done watching, and read the rest of this email…


It’s safe to say that this is easily the most entertaining launch I’ve followed. I can’t help feeling that every future launch is going to feel a little pedestrian by comparison.

Mainly I want to reiterate that this is an entirely NEW version of WebinarJam and, in a couple of days, when the doors are about to close and all the bonuses and special offers are on the verge of expiring, don’t lose sight of the big picture… Webinars are one of the most, if not THE most, profitable marketing tools in existence. You owe it to your business to put this to the test.

All the details will be in your Inbox very soon. But make sure you’ve remembered to register so you don’t miss out.



P.S. I’m kind of glad there’s a “to be continued…” at the end of all of this.

It gives me hope that we might yet see an encore performance of this type of launch.

Either that or it’s something to do with the fact that humans are more likely to remember something that is left incomplete…

Seriously… go watch this video series one more time. I get the feeling there’s a whole bunch of marketing lessons lying under the surface, waiting to be discovered.


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Webinar attendees (and you) never looked so good


A spotlight deserving of floodlights (it’s THAT big)

Putting the spotlight where it belongs -- “cha-ching!”


In American football, everyone’s knows the typical, although often boring handoff play to a running back. The coach hopes for some positive yardage.Teams work and practice the precision of handoffs more times than you check Facebook each day.

Now, in webinar circles, with some software, a handoff to an attendee can be complicated. Especially with the ever-present risk of a technical fumble.

And who the heck wants that?

Webinar attendees (and you) never looked so good

Well, what if a handoff to a webinar attendee made them the star?

This video proves star quality goes a loooonngg way {YourAffiliateLink}

All it takes is the right software and some a superior “breakdown the barriers” technology.

Which is exactly what you’ll find with the all new WebinarJam.

Because WebinarJam puts webinar attendees in THE best place to succeed. This innovative feature is called Attendee Spotlight.

The real genius behind this innovation? Simplicity. (Translation: fumble factor GONE!)

No special configuration or equipment or testing required. All an attendee needs is a webcam and a mic. That’s standard equipment for any computer. Come to think of it, because everything’s in high-def, attendees do need something else. They need to wear clothes, preferably something non-plaid. That always helps. :-)

So why put an attendee in the spotlight in the first place? This’ll get your imagination and brain humming:

Make testimonials come alive by selecting those attendees that are most passionate about your products and services. That’s instant, real social proof of your awesomeness!

Interact with your attendees in deeper, more meaningful ways with engaging Q&A sessions

Coach your listers with ease as you zero-in on key stumbling blocks, best practices to overcome them and crowdsource new solutions on the fly

Even better, this can all be performed in seconds. All so you can leave an impression that lasts a whole lot longer.

And boy, do you have options. For example, you can see your attendee on screen, see their screen, picture in picture, and more.

In fact, the ease of toggling back and forth between attendee and presenter is unique to WebinarJam.

See it all in action right here {YourAffiliateLink}

Trust me, this feature alone is worth the price of WebinarJam. Good thing you get dozens more valuable updates at the same competition-thumping price. But not for long.


P.S. It’s master control time! Your total broadcast control center is here. It’s the all new WebinarJam. Now your attendees can shine in new ways. And that’s a great reflection on you. See: {YourAffiliateLink}

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[48 HOURS] Until this goes buh-bye


Tick, tick, tick-- BOOM!

My top 7 TOP takeaways on the all new WebinarJam


When is 2,880 barely anything at all?

When it’s the number of minutes left to get the all new WebinarJam at the best price it will ever be offered. {YourAffiliateLink}

Until this goes buh-bye

Factoring in time for Netflix and chillin’, treating our four-legged family members better than ourselves and and our own personal grooming needs/challenges, it’s really no time at all.

So, don’t leave this email until you are certain your choice is the right one -- for you And your business.

You can hop on board now and take the webinar express to Happytown. You know, where all the new subscribers and customers and extra web traffic are waiting for you.


You can risk it, and let the big ‘ol money train pass you by.

Either way, the WebinarJam Grand Opening event ends in 48 hours. {YourAffiliateLink}

I, for one, want you to get IN. And I’m not alone.

Future {NAME} called and said to thank present {NAME} for making such a smart investment by grabbing WebinarJam when you did.

SO, don’t wait another minute, let alone countdown to the last one. Gain access to the most advanced webinar platform on the planet that’s also one of least expensive.

Still unsure? Even after the video insights and comparisons to other webinar platforms? Ahh, challenge accepted! Here are my top takeaways after deep and thoughtful exploration of this impressive software …

My top 7 reasons to get WebinarJam before the Grand Opening Ends in 48 Hours

1. Broadcast and be seen EVERYWHERE: Facebook Live, YouTube Live, even WebinarJam’s own secure broadcasting service (That means you can run password-protected, paid webinars, even a members-only, professional training room.)

2. Webinars for EVERYONE: Advanced technology anyone at any skill level can master. No one gets left behind.

3. Webinars with EVERYTHING: The best suite of advancements and updates to any webinar platform. PERIOD. Enhancements like Attendee Spotlight, Active Chat, 30-second express configuration and the list goes on.

4. Broadcast studio-like features: Including up to six on screen presenters, a robust Whiteboard, roll pre-recorded video and more.

5. An entire marketing system built-in: High-converting registration pages, a kickass autoresponder with audience behavioral customization and SMS messaging

6. Advanced Technology + Expert Training: Step-by-step how-to create, produce, market and showcase any webinar or live training event. Even done-for-you presentations!

7. The PRICE: An annual investment for what other webinar companies charge PER MONTH

Those are my 7 top reasons. There are dozens of advancements waiting for you here:



P.S. Come Midnight Pacific, August 31st, Grand Opening pricing of the all-new WebinarJam ends. Don’t let it end with a thud. Get in NOW: {YourAffiliateLink}

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24 hours left to claim your business MVP


Ready for takeoff?


Most people know about MVPs from the sports world, right? (Steroid-free, naturally.)

But what about the business world? And more specifically, marketing?

For my business, and I bet yours too, what if that MVP isn’t a person at all?

What if that MVP is the best business building, traffic generating, authority dominating vehicle you’ve ever seen?

The All-New WebinarJam Grand Opening is LIVE!

And it was as advanced and affordable as this? {YourAffiliateLink}

And what if you only had 24 hours before the absolute best offer went away, never to return?

Tell me you’d still be distracted by that new fidget spinner? (Ok, maybe just for a minute, right?)

Back on point, this is your official 24-hour NOTICE to get the all new WebinarJam!

Over 30,000 strong have spoken. Not all at once, because that would be distracting.

They’ve spoken with their presentations and with their wallets.

Their chosen MVP, as in Most Valuable Platform is, tah-dah -- WebinarJam!

And with the Grand Opening of the all-new WebinarJam, that number will swell by many thousands.

Wouldn’t you like YOUR numbers to swell as well? With more prospects, more subscribers, customers, clients and sales, all with a sizeable chunk coming via autopilot.

The time is now to get your business MVP: the all-new WebinarJam. {YourAffiliateLink}

By now, you’ve seen, heard and read about how convincingly WebinarJam blows the competition away.

With a better price.

And more ways to enroll and engage, stream and share.

Plus leading-edge advancements that transform your little computer that could into a state-of-the-art broadcast studio center.

BUT, all this good news comes with an expiration date!

Because the grand opening of the all new WebinarJam ends in 24 hours. And with it goes the best offer you’ll see for a good, long time.

Why wait? Get in now and grab the entire bonus package of expert webinar training, proven best practices and done for you presentations. {YourAffiliateLink}


P.S. Make the all new WebinarJam YOUR MVP. Nothing grows a business, a company or one’s authority faster than live video. And no vehicle or platform delivers that like WebinarJam. Try it now and never look back: {YourAffiliateLink}

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4 hours away from a HUGE regret? Just say NO


[LAST HOURS] of the WebinarJam Grand Opening

Regrets be damned. You’re in, right?


The girl you really wanted to ask to prom... but just couldn't muster up the nerve to do it.

The stock you didn’t buy at $5... that split twice and is now $50.

Mistaking wasabi for a single-bite appetizer the first time you had sushi.

Regrets sure do sting, even years later.

The All-New WebinarJam Grand Opening is LIVE!

So, PLEASE, let me help you AVOID a big regret! Missing out on this nearly gone offer …

Only 4 hours remain to cash in the Grand Opening WebinarJam Offer


Bold times demand bold actions. Will your competition take it easy? Imagine what they would do with the all-new WebinarJam?

Instead of you, they’ll be the ones grabbing the leads, the customers, the ever-growing visibility and authority that comes from live event broadcasting via the premiere webinar software on the planet. The last email I wrote you shared 7 big takeaways on why WebinarJam is a must buy NOW.

Did you know WebinarJam has over 30,000 customers? From solopreneurs to small businesses. Coaches, authors, writers and trainers. Ecommerce marketers. Niche marketers. Personal trainers. Even medium sized and larger businesses that are recognizable names.

And one thing unites them all.. Each saw the value that WebinarJam brings to their business and how they grow it. They don’t have a single regret. And neither will you if you get in right now.

Today’s the final day the door to instant authority (and the best pricing) remains open. Here’s hoping you rush on in before it’s too late.


P.S. The all-new WebinarJam is a difference maker for businesses across the world. Only hours left to secure the best offer that will ever be available for WebinarJam before it's gone for good. {YourAffiliateLink}

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[FINAL HOURS] In or out on the all-new WebinarJam?


Your FINAL “don’t kick yourself later” warning

Absolute last call: my final email on this


How best to use your time these next four hours?

The All-New WebinarJam Grand Opening is LIVE!

I know you’re busy and sometimes decisions take longer than they should. And yet, when you make the right one, even if takes longer, you feel good. Like the 12 minutes you spent fogging up the grocery store freezer window “deciding” which hand-churned ice cream to take home.(or eat in the car. Come on, you know you’ve done it.)

Well, I want you to feel more than good. I want you to feel frickin’ great! And all without a single extra calorie.

The feeling that ONLY comes from making the one investment in marketing your business that delivers an ROI unlike any other:

Absolute last chance to secure your spot with the all-new WebinarJam! {YourAffiliateLink}

Do know there are no more videos I’ll share about WebinarJam’s benefits to any business of any size?

No more emails, suggestions, reminders or gentle, persuasive nagging.

This is it. Decision time is HERE.

Saying YES to WebinarJam now means locking in the best pricing. You get the keys to the performance engine other webinar host software companies could only dream of.

You’ll show your customers, and the new ones you’ll attract, that you mean business. And that business means revenue. All from the “one-to-MANY” model that webinar broadcasting and marketing make possible. And WebinarJam makes easier to master than ever before.

The road to a bigger email list, an expanded network and accelerated authority starts here but ONLY if you act NOW: {YourAffiliateLink}

You know what to do. And you also know that by Midnight Pacific TONIGHT, the best price you’ll ever see on the most advanced webinar platform around suddenly goes poof.


P.S. This is also your absolute last chance to snag the entire bonus package of expert webinar training. Where else can you access the best kept secrets from 30,000 users and over 280,000 produced webinars? Get WebinarJam while the getting’s good: {YourAffiliateLink}

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