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40th Q&A affiliate webinar- Feb 28, 2018:


We covered:

  • Updates and news
  • Just want to know when the sequences will be inside Kartra…

39th Q&A affiliate webinar- Feb 21, 2018:


We Covered:

  • Traffic and Conversion
  • When cart opens April 3rd and video launches
  • Payment for affiliates when Kartra launches
  • Share the love update- affiliate activity
  • Mid march update Promo
  • Advertising pre canned brandied Kartra ads in the work for affiliates
  • How about letting us see rough drafts of the soon to be final versions of those ads...?
  • Price point and if there is news flow flowing
  • Ok, how about we set up a testing group?
  • Will there be a bundle for WebinarJam, EverWebinar & Kartra?
  • Programing to use for bugs

38th Q&A affiliate webinar- Feb 14, 2018:


We covered:

  • Kartra updates
  • How about Frank Kern's funnel... release soon?
  • Just load them... or go through support? -Share the love promotion
  • Newbie information
  • Specific Facebook ads -

37th Q&A affiliate webinar- Feb 7, 2018:


We covered:

  • Share the love promotion
  • Kartra update
  • Is this the same affiliate link as for Webinar Vision? That is the bundle showing in my Kartra Affiliate section
  • Curious, will these Frank Kern template bonuses be rolled out to existing users as well? Or just new buyers?
  • Countdown timer
  • Sorry guys maybe you answer this question already but where are our affiliate links to promote Kartra located at ?
  • Any free white label PDF's that we can use to promote kartra?

35th Q&A affiliate webinar- Jan 31:


We covered:

  • Kartra update
  • KARTRA requires you to go through all the steps - we're much less likely to forget to go back and complete a funnel page or sequence.
  • I'm an affiliate through Kartra for WebinarJam and EverWebinar... do I need to fill out a separate application for this Kartra launch
  • Talked about Webinarvision
  • Where do we see webinarvision? I was out of the room.
  • Do all new affiliates get KARTRA to use for $1.00? If so how do we get it?
  • Thanks....What are the plans for KARTRA Certification?
  • Will kartra ever work well with webinar jam videos

34th Q&A affiliate webinar Jan 24, 2018:


We covered:

  • Kartra Update
  • w9 issue
  • niche
  • If we make a Kartra page, and we lead them to a WebinarJam and to talk -- all things Kartra... that would be OK right?
  • Any prohibitions on using Kartra Logo or anything Kartra related during our promotions?
  • With the Kartra affiliate commissions is there a monthly recurring payment after the initial two sign ups?Pricing plans

33rd Q&A affiliate webinar-Jan 17, 2018:


We covered:

  • Kartra update
  • So then I can get rid of all my other software like clickfunnels, leadpages etc?
  • Does Kartra have a detailed end-user customer referral history with more than two entries?
  • so are you saying they will be billed in USDs and get a credit card fee and an exchange rate conversion fee?
  • I see the tracking links, but does that show affiliate referral links clicked?
  • can we import any infusionsoft assets we have built up at all?
  • From the screenshot there are the various Kartra package as affiliate links. When the cart opens will there be one link, cause a user could select any of the packages? We will not know which package they are going to select? https://screenshots.firefox.com/ubgLC4NjMCg3QGY5/app.kartra.com
  • so if I bill in AUD and my customer is in AUD - they will be billed in AUD now?

32nd Q&A affiliate webinar- Jan 10, 2018:


We covered:

  • Updates and news for Kartra.
  • When will Frank's stuff be available in Kartra?
  • I made a request to register as affiliate last week but still I didn't received a response. Could you help with that?
  • Will I be able to input them, or will I email them and point them to my Affiliate landing page?
  • Custom domains been released
  • Will you provide adverts for Facebook paid traffic?
  • I have to ask for permission to use Mike, Frank image for FB ads?

We covered:

  • Kartra updates
  • Do I need to apply again by clicking the link in the Fran Kern email?
  • When will the FK funnels be available to those of us who are already Kartra subscribers?
  • Email Swipes
  • Will there be marketing assets for those who want to use paid traffic on Facebook?
  • Help for someone to begin
  • Do you know if Kartra has an appointment calendar to make contact with prospects and sell Kartra and our products?
  • are there separate affiliate programs for Kartra and WebinarJam?
  • does genesis digital have more than one affiliate program?
  • Can you blog with Kartra or do you need WordPress?
  • Can you discuss exactly how the affiliate program works?
  • Do you know anything about the WebinarJam affiliate program?
  • #1 WebinarJam/EverWebinar affiliate doing

30th Q&A affiliate webinar-Dec 20, 2017:

29th Q&A affiliate webinar Dec 13, 2017:

https://events.genndi.com/replay/169105139238436892/85847c6750/29/0 We Covered:
  • Announced last webinar to Jan 10

28th Q&A affiliate webinar-Dec 6, 2017:


We covered:

  • Traffic off Facebook
  • Kartra launch
  • Any suggestions on how to further prep my folks for the Feb launch?
  • what can affiliates do between now and Feb 1st to introduce our list to the concept and details about Kartra?

27th Q&A affiliate webinar-Nov 29, 2017:


We covered:

  • Update on last promo and new promo
  • Announcement to save the dates
  • could you explain the features in Kartra?
  • I have a quick question - I'm wondering how to find tutorials in Kartra so I can get started and understand what the heck I'm doing when I get in there...I'm feeling lost and looking for step-by-step instruction. Thanks!
  • When will currency be available
  • are the free trial and the one $ 60 day trial still available to send to clients and customers?
  • https://www.kartra.com/blog/beginners-journey/
  • If the trials are available to offer still
  • Where is the A system
  • what time on Dec 6th is the webinar?
  • when will we get our Kartra affiliate info?

26th Q&A affiliate webinar- Nov 22, 2017:


We covered:

  • Cyber Monday
  • How do I fill out my tax forms? Is that all I need to do to be paid my commission?
  • discounts for own use of WebinarJam?
  • does Kartra have an affiliate program to promote?
  • But if I sign up to be a Kartra affiliate now, I saved my spot in line and I can plan how I will promote now?
  • Is it necessary to make a new affiliate registration? http://kartra.com/jv
  • do landing pages need to be approved prior to launch?
  • integrate with which email services [mailchimp. getresponse etc]?

25th Q&A affiliate webinar- Nov 15, 2017:


We covered:

  • Special announcements only for Affiliates
  • Is that an invitation template in WJ or just EW?
  • How long is the cookie active for if they opt in and don't buy?
  • Is that an invitation template in WJ or just EW?
  • Is there a way to see the email of webinar vision registrants
  • How can i translate the banners ?
  • Kartra Launch

24th Q&A affiliate webinar- Nov 8, 2017:


We covered:

  • How long does it take to pay out affiliate commissions after a sales is made?
  • Can you show how to use a banner? I haven't tried it yet
  • SWIPE COPY! Will there be detailed Swipe Copy, dates to send it, etc.. in the new promotion?
  • November promotion- Automate your business for a $1.00
  • Updated dates for Kartra Launch February.
  • Post Super Bowl. Does anyone do anything between Christmas and Super Bowl?
  • For special affiliates/business partners we use dedicated coupons to track their sales. So no use of cookies for them. Is there a possibility in Kartra to track down how many times a certain coupon is used?

23rd Q&A affiliate webinar-Nov 1, 2017:


We covered:

  • Discussed commission and payouts, also pricing
  • Talked about training and webinars
  • Filling out Payment settings
  • Does Kartra have coupons?
  • If so, can affiliates offer coupons which offer extra discounts which can be deducted from the affiliates fee?

22nd Q&A affiliate webinar- Oct 25, 2017:


We covered:

  • -Time stamps in Q&A so they can fast forward to the questions
  • -Donna promised in her email to explain how to drive traffic to an affiliate offer without being annoying.
  • -When will WJ recording go from 720p to 1080p?
  • -Can you explain about commissions?
  • Some of your products pay commission on the $1 up front, others don't. What is the difference in commissions
  • -When is that payment made?
  • Is it the first of the month?
  • -Can you give a quick tutorial for how I get my links?
  • What links do you recommend for a beginner?
  • -How do I see when I have been paid?
  • Can you please show that?
. 21st: Q&A: cancelled

20th Q&A Webinar-Oct 4, 2017:


We covered:

  • What would affiliates like to learn from future sessions. Developing a class.
  • Best way to start?
  • If you have limited List without attendees of significant means- How can we acquire same?
  • How to get businesses/clients who have the resources to purchase "Kartra?" How do we build a list of clients to sell
  • Also... The “error” message CONTINUES to appear when trying to connect WJ to Kartra???
  • Speaking to the audience.
  • Discussed shorter webinars and every other week

19th Q&A Webinar - Sep 27, 2017 - http://bit.ly/2wYmxqu

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/962245217?t=KJIai4HpvD

We covered:

  • How to hack your focus and increase your results
  • How to manage your time by managing your intentions and state of mind.
  • The best way to deal with resistance and make doing "first things first" easier and more rewarding.
  • We answered a lot of great questions during this Q&A Session that you can use in your affiliate marketing strategies.

18th Q&A Webinar - Sep 20, 2017 - http://bit.ly/2ythefK

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/957789679?t=W0zQLTkyT2

We covered:

  • How to engage and leverage other leaders and create win-win partnerships.
  • How to honor the 80/20 rule and get the most results from focusing on the top 20%.
  • and much more!

This Q&A Session shares partnerships strategies we use to leverage other communities.

17th Q&A Webinar - Sep 13, 2017 - http://bit.ly/2y8G2cy

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/953410846?t=4eCX0395uY

We covered:

  • The $1 Trial Offer & Other Game-Winning Offers!
  • How to Build Your Tribe
  • Here’s what Kartra can do =)

16th Q&A Webinar - Sep 6 , 2017- http://bit.ly/2xi4hrN

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/949721189?t=F1Rr0o2erC

We covered:

  • The $1 Trial Offer
  • Copy-writing Tips - Writing email that sells
  • Mentors and Books that will improve your Affiliate Marketing

15th Q&A Webinar - Aug 30, 2017 - http://bit.ly/2vIuvz8

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/945424217?t=RxWKWysM8A

We covered:

  • Updates to the Grand Opening ‌
  • The "J-Curve" and why you will see sales now especially if you mail
  • Why you should request a "demo" from our team if you can bring 100 people to a webinar.
  • How to simplify your traffic strategies to get conversions.
  • Tips on Promoting to a Facebook Group
This Q&A session is packed with traffic-boosting strategies especially as we are coming to end of the Grand Opening

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/942026111?t=7GllUtLxed

We covered:

  • How to build Traffic through Press Releases from Online PR Expert and Copywriter Marc Harty (He has a special surprise gift)
  • Special Guest: one of our Top “All-Star” Affiliates sharing tips and strategies
  • Updates to the Grand Opening This Q&A session is packed with traffic-boosting strategies especially on using webinars to sell!

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/938494388?t=TQNKHOmGZb

We covered:

  • The usage of checklists as an efficient system to increase your productivity during the Launch
  • A detailed list on how to access your Affiliate Email Swipes
  • Valuable Q&A discussion regarding strategies to increase your conversions And more!

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/935376228?t=Fv76WJCWUf

We covered:

  • The Top Tools we have discussed so far to better leverage your affiliate marketing
  • The Grand Opening of the All New WebinarJam (Aug 14 - Sep 1)

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/932887250?t=BQVeU7Ip7D

We covered:

  • When you watch this training webinar, you’ll instantly discover the same, business and relationship-boosting actionable strategies we use every day...
  • How you can easily survey your list to find out how you can better serve them.
  • How to create and add your own bonuses to make the offer even more irresistible.
  • How to build instant rapport with your audience by providing them what they need, based on what they want.

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/929720660?t=1YXsaSpzAv

We covered:

  • How to recommend an affiliate offer as easily as you share your favorite restaurant
  • How to make that offer more fun and vivid by sharing your personal experience
  • How to create and add your own bonuses to make the offer even more irresistible

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/927092708?t=A62wkwL9HL

We covered:

  • What is a connector? How to be an effective connector in affiliate marketing?
  • How to find and engage community leaders and be a JV Broker?
  • Increasing Your Productivity in the Morning

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/924469516?t=WuEKWlz1TT Insider Secrets To Crafting Killer Headlines

We covered:

  • How to write a killer headline that will get your tribe to open your message.
  • Remember that If the Headline Fails, the Message Goes Unseen. End Of Story.
  • Learn how to engage the creative process and add even more fun and flavor into your marketing communications.

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/921651925?t=Nkmrjk4QXT Note: There is a slight audio sync delay that we are remedying.

We covered:

  • Learn to leverage the 80/20 rule. Focus on the top 20% that will get you the most results.
  • Learn your own, unique super-power strengths and how to use them through easy to access personality evaluations, such as DISC, Enneogram, and more.
  • Have fun using outsourcing tools like Fiverr.com and Upwork.com to help you streamline your affiliate campaigns and build your very own superhero team.

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/919077956?t=OhritLRk98 On this training webinar, you will come away armed with these easy to use strategies.

We covered:

  • Learn how to create your own personal Marketing Dashboard.
  • Every vehicle has a dashboard to make navigating easier and so should you with all your promotions.
  • A Dashboard is the cornerstone to your S.Y.S.T.E.M.S which will Save Yourself Time Energy Money and Sanity.
  • Learn how to create quick graphics tagged with your affiliate links to use in your promotions.

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/916592436?t=7Jc5VbLLxr

We covered:

  • How to use Evernote and Microsoft OneNote to create a Swipe file.
  • The Swipe File is the strategy that the best copywriters use to keep winning.
  • I showed how I use

    Mindmaps as a tool for strategizing promotions.

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/912961424?t=UnCC3ShQeQ

We covered:

  • How to use Swipe Files and my favorite tools for creating one.
  • We delved deeper in using Checklists and dashboards in general to increase our productivity.
  • We looked at calendars and how they can create clarity amidst chaos, and how I use calendars in my personal and professional life.

Mindmap Summary: https://mm.tt/913103401?t=RYZ2pSo0zo

We covered:

  • We walked through one of our affiliate accounts that is getting traction and showed you the dashboard.
  • Showed you my favorite URL shortener and how to set it up.
  • Shared with you a checklist system using Google Keep to make promoting easier.

1st Q&A Webinar - May 24