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Wow your customer with HUGE free bonuses

Wow your customer with HUGE free bonuses. This promotion is for a 30 day free trial of EverWebinar, and includes bonus materials, such as webinar training, webinar slide templates for the perfect converting webinar, a webinar marketing blueprint and more. After the trial, there will be 2 payments of $247 and you are provided with 40% commissions of that sale. And your customer walks away with a BOATLOAD of priceless tools to ensure their webinar success.

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Why Automated Webinars Were Terrible

I wanted you to be one of the first to know: A new system has cracked SIX FIGURES in sales.

And that’s old news compared with what they are doing now…

It has to do with webinars, but it’s not being used the way you think...

Here’s the story about what happened:

As you are aware, LIVE webinars are some of the BIGGEST profit makers you could ever hope to run in your business...no matter what industry you are in.

And what's even better than running live webinars? Turning your presentation into an automated video where you NEVER have to be there live.

And folks who are using webinars (live and automated) include…

Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Jeff Walker, Mike Koenigs, Brendon Burchard, Anik Singal, Epan Pagan, Alex Mandossian, Pam Hendrickson, Jason Fladlien, and many more…

WHY? Well, they know if they clone themselves, they’ll make a lot more money. {YourAffiliateLink}

And that’s why the subject line says Clones Make More Money.

if you could have TWO, THREE or even NINETEEN of yourself doing the same webinar, why wouldn't you?

But up until now, it’s been super-complicated.
  1. Until recently, setting up your own automated webinar system required either a large monthly fee or you had to hire an entire company to set up all of the technical stuff for you.
  2. It was, in short, a complete nightmare!
  3. Yet, the people that had deep pockets or were insane enough to build it all out themselves, profited handsomely.
  4. But what about the rest of us? How come we can’t have the same, if not better, features than those other webinar companies which suck…

And why can’t we AUTOMATE all of it, so we don’t have to ever do another live webinar, unless we choose to?

Well, if you have dealt with any of those annoying issues, I have VERY good news.

First, we’re no longer limited to only having like 100-500 people on at a time.

No sir. Now we can have nearly unlimited attendees...and we can even take the chat roll from our LIVE webinar and put it on auto-pilot…(that means the viewer sees people chatting in real time), even though it’s a recording.

It’s pretty cool. And it’s features and benefits like those which can really put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to securing FUTURE profits.

And it gets even BETTER: Because the prices have gone WAY down too.

If you use a solution called EverWebinar that is.

EverWebinar is the automated email list-creating and customer-getting MACHINE.

In short, this is LIVE webinars on steroids.

It’s not for everyone though. You gotta be willing to work hard and actually create a GOOD webinar that profits value. {YourAffiliateLink}

IF you do that though, then there’s good news.

the best part is, they are seeing amazing revenue increases time and time again for people who are willing to work hard.

In short, Everwebinar is uniquely designed and tailored for companies and businesses like yours if you want to massively scale up your operations very quickly. {YourAffiliateLink}

In short if you’d like to automate the process of building trust in your marketplace…

...acquiring new customers and clients…

...and doing it all for a fraction of the price it usually costs Big Brands and huge companies with very deep pockets…

... then you should check out what EverWebinar can do here. {YourAffiliateLink}

Talk soon,
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In order to achieve success in life. you usually need to follow a few rules.

Rules for traffic and transportation. (Seatbelts).

Rules for going to a movie (no cell-phones please hehe).

And there’s rules which govern success in your BUSINESS.

And, you know what? When you use webinars in your business, there are also specific rules you need to follow.

Especially automated webinars.

Here’s the deal: When you are automating certain parts of your business there are a few items which need to work together in perfect harmony.

And that goes double when you’re running automated webinars.

The first element is this: your automated webinars need to look exactly like a live webinar.

After all, one of the reasons live webinars are so powerful is that they are EVENT based.

All of the reasons why live webinars are so powerful is because their event-based with all the anticipation and excitement of an important presentation or LIVE event.

A high converting webinar simulation has got to look and feel JUST like the live version.

That means it’s got to have audience participation...your viewer needs to see people chatting in the chat roll…and experience that factor of people interacting.

Otherwise it’s just boring.

And if you want to NOT be boring...and get attendance rates up up to 90% you should use our just in time option. {YourAffiliateLink}

And since your webinars are hands-off (remember, it’s 100% automated) we want to not limit ourselves to just one time slot for our viewer to attend.

We want to give them MULTIPLE options during the day--or the next day--to attend.

That way they have choices.

We also want to do a JUST IN TIME option. That’s where they give us their email and about 15 minutes later, their presentation can begin.

That way they don’t have to wait to be entertained or to get value. And that way you can get 80%-90% attendance rates.

See how here {YourAffiliateLink}


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Have you ever gotten a tailored piece of clothing?

Something which was customized just for you? Which fit you just right...and which you were proud to wear?

Have you ever had an amazing 4 star meal cooked JUST for you and a special someone? Where all your favorite foods were made?

It felt personal, didn't it? Like the tailor and the chef were focusing just on YOU and what you needed.

And that is very powerful.

Same thing goes with prospects. You can’t just followup with every lead the same way.


That’s why EverWebinar does CUSTOM responses depending on a few options. We treat each lead differently because they all told us they need unique sales messages...tailor fit to THEM.

Here’s a few examples

  1. Did the viewer leave the webinar early? Let’s re invite them.
  2. Did the prospect see the pitch? If yes, we’re going to have a customized response for them...VS if they never saw the pitch at all.
  3. Did they see the pitch but not purchase? If so, then we followup with them with a different message.
  4. Make sense? Each person took a DIFFERENT action. But until now, it was very hard to do this. But not with EverWebinar.

See how it works in your favor here. {YourAffiliateLink}


P.S.-Remember all those leads who come into your funnel take certain ACTIONS...and those actions require SPECIFIC responses.

Tailor-fit, you might call it.

And it’s ready to be set up for YOU inside of EverWebinar. See how to do it here. {YourAffiliateLink}

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If you have a LIVE webinar, than all you need is 3 minutes to turn it evergreen.

3 Minutes...That's all it takes

Yes, as you can see, it’s WICKED fast :) {YourAffiliateLink}

Think about that: If you want to take the live training and sales pitch you’ve done, and automate it...then it just takes 3 minutes.

What if we told you that, once you join EverWebinar, all you had to do to turn a live webinar into an evergreen webinar was to click ONE button? I’m serious.

One-Click Platform Swap: Stay in one place to manage all your live and evergreen webinar marketing.

Convert Live to Automated: Simply import a past live event and EverWebinar will automatically crunch it into an evergreen event within seconds!

Convenience: Keep all your stats, chats, and videos all in one convenient, easy to access, location!

See how it all works here. {YourAffiliateLink}


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Did you know that doing a simple split test can drastically increase the bottom line profits that you see in a given day?

Well it’s true.

And back in the day this was a NIGHTMARE. Until now that is.

And back in the day this was a NIGHTMARE. Until now that is.


But this is what folks would have to do a few years ago...

You would have to hire a custom designer to possibly design multiple webinar registration pages...

And while they looked GREAT--it took forever to get built and deployed because everything was done by one person, by hand.

Then a few years ago, templates got a little more intuitive ...a little better looking...

But sometimes pretty and snazzy can convert WORSE that if you ran traffic to a ugly looking registration page.

Make sense?

It all depends on who the person is who is landing on your registration page.

Some markets LOVE snazzy, Hollywood...

Some dig uglier simple pages. It just depends!

But please DO NOT assume you know which works best.

You might be right. But doesn’t it pay to set up a simple test between two registration pages and make sure?

After all, we want you to have the MOST sales and conversions possible.

But you won’t know which works for your market and less you split test.

The good news is, you can create a split test with the snap of your fingers with EverWebinar.

So all you have to do now is choose which one you want to test: A versus B versus C...

The best part is, you can get it done very quickly and usually see a very good ROI for the time use you took to set up a split test.

- {YourAffiliateLink})


P.S. I’m serious about this being VERY easy.

  1. You get Point-and-click templates: browse through the library, select your favorite design, configure the fields, and... publish it live!
  2. You can Split test your registration pages to perfection! The system will rotate two designs, tracking in real time which one brings more registrations into your event.
  3. And you get Free unlimited hosting: You don't even need a website or server to host your webinars. We provide our customers unlimited free hosting in our ultra-reliable cloud-based scalable servers. {YourAffiliateLink}
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Every lead is different.

Especially the lead who signs up for your webinar.

Here’s why:

Did you know you can create a BIG list..one that wants to spend a lot of time with you, by using simple registration pages to get fresh leads?

And it makes sense that THOSE leads could spend FAR MORE than your average person...

Mailing list

Let me explain: Those webinar leads can be worth far more than just an old “opt in to get a free report”.

Why? Well, everyone knows webinars run at least an hour. And if these folks are opting in for YOUR webinar, they want to spend time with an expert in your field.

Don’t you think those leads are worth far more? The best news is, EverWebinar integrates with nearly EVERY email service out there.

Next, combine that with the fact that you can split test registration pages, headlines and offers to see which ones gets more leads... {YourAffiliateLink}

...you’re going to set yourself up to win big

So, go on and Build your mailing list!

Growing your mailing list has never been easier. EverWebinar integrates with all the popular autosubscribers out there: Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, InfusionSoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, 1ShoppingCart, etc.

Seamless tagging integration: Using an advanced autoresponder like InfusionSoft, Active Campaign or Kartra?

Even better news for you: EverWebinar will pass custom behavioural tags to your leads, so you can organize them based on whether they attend your webinar or not, whether they stay until the end, whether they leave within the first X minutes, whether they purchase your product, whether they watch the webinar replay, etc. {YourAffiliateLink}

And you can use 3rd party tracking: You can embed your Google Analytics or Facebook tracking pixels, so you can run paid advertising campaigns, re-target your audience, etc. If they can be tracked, we will track them!

Sign up for EverWebinar here. You won’t regret it. Ever. {YourAffiliateLink}


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