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Give your customer the gift of automation for the holidays! They get EverWebinar for $1 for 60 days, and their payment isn't due until after the holidays!

Your customer is given a $1 trial for the first 60 days of their subscription. On the 61st day, they are billed $497 for the year. After the 30 day guarantee has expired, you will receive 40% of the sale.

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The Cyber Monday deal to end all deals (Inside) …

Instant business Automation today only for one dollar


You know what today is, right?

And the crowd collectively screams, “Cyber Monday -- who has THE BEST deal?”

I just happen to know the answer…

Because the best deal comes to you by none other than Andy Jenkins and EverWebinar.

Listen, I don’t live in a bubble. I know you have a ton of offers hitting your inbox today.

But right now, with all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness, here are your two BIGGEST challenges …

Your time. And your budget.

Here’s the best cyber deal that solves BOTH:

You see, for just a buck, you can receive the ultimate gift …

A Ferrari? Uh, no. But this “vehicle” promises equally high performance …

It’s the gift of AUTOMATION.

And automation means more prospects and customers on AUTOPILOT.

Cyber Monday Deal of Deals: For $1 get 60 full days of EverWebinar:

Absolutely nothing should prevent you from snagging this deal now! You’ll only pay for EverWebinar WAY after the holidays. By then, you’ll have exploded your profits from automating your webinars.

I’ve seen and tried a bunch of so-called automated webinar platforms. Of them all, this is THE ultimate evergreen system for webinars.


Well, ALL the hurdles have been removed… so you can now be in two, three, even a dozen places at once with evergreen webinars running on demand, just-in time and more.

And, all the while, build your following, crank up extra sales, and pump new life (and profits) into revenue streams that have grown stale.

Fact is, EverWebinar is the easiest, fastest and the most affordable way to automate your webinars.

See for yourself here before this deal ends TONIGHT:


And this gift of automation? I challenge you to find another gift that keeps on giving like automation does.

Because, when you don’t have to appear and present every webinar live, you can channel that extra time in so many new and fulfilling ways …

For example, you can ramp up your marketing, create new products and services, even tilt the ‘ol work/recreation equation towards more fun and adventure.

Think of it. Buy now, save on your holiday budget (more PlayStation, yay!) and get nearly to the end of January 2018 to experience EverWebinar in all its evergreen glory.


I often recommend products based on their bonuses alone! And when I saw this, my first reaction was “I’m in.” You’ll likely have the same reaction when you discover what Andy and the gang included in this Cyber Monday deal.

You get private access to the new “Facebook Pre-Game Strategy” webinar.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll say this …it’s a winning formula that turns Facebook into a lead-generation and revenue-producing powerhouse. And you get FULL insider access when you claim your $1 access for 60 days of EverWebinar NOW:

Remember, this deal is only good until Midnight Pacific today, Cyber Monday. If you miss out, you really miss out, just sayin’.


P.S. Cyber Monday BIG Deal: $1 for 60 days of EverWebinar. The gift of automation is yours and you won’t pay until after the holidays are a distant memory. Get in now: {YourAffiliateLink}

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Are you really going to pass up automating your business for just $1?

[FINAL HOURS] Your gift of automation is going, going, …



12 hours ago, I shared one of the best Cyber Monday deals I’ve seen ANYWHERE …

As the few remaining hours tick down, I gotta say, it looks like Andy Jenkins is giving away the entire store. (In a good, “I want you to succeed and pull out all the stops kind of way.)

Besides, why wouldn’t you take him up on this Cyber Monday ONLY deal for just $1?

Especially since what you receive is worth SO much more. Like, “back up the armored truck to haul away the extra revenue” kind of more.

OK, maybe I exaggerate, but maybe you would too with all this just a click away ...

You get full-featured, TOTAL access to EverWebinar for not 7 days, not 14 days, not 30 days, but 60 days.

That’s right the gift of automation landed right in your lap. Although it’s still there when you stand up, I checked. ;-)

Besides, not all automation is a slam dunk. Driverless cars? Still working out the kinks. (Collision alert!)

But automating webinars? Andy’s team has totally nailed it. And so can you, with the premiere evergreen webinar system on the planet at $1 for 60 days, TODAY ONLY:


EverWebinar is all about freeing up more time for higher, better and more profitable outcomes…
You see, automation begets scalability.

And scalability begets profitability.

And rest assured, I don’t use the word “beget” lightly ...

The point is, EverWebinar can take your business to the next phase. And the next. And the next.

For example, coaches and consultants use EverWebinar to pre-qualify prospects. This solves a universal problem. The fact that many bizdev efforts don’t translate into actual revenue. Time to up the closing rate with EverWebinar, my friends!

Information marketers use EverWebinar to launch and test new products or bring new life to established ones. And any funnel worth its salt has an automated component that includes one or more automated webinars.

Now I’m a freak for details and every amazing feature EverWebinar puts right at your fingertips. I could share all the wonderful things EverWebinar does to make your life easier and your business better. Instead, let me show you HERE …

Cyber Monday Deal ENDS IN HOURS! $1 for 60 Days of EverWebinar:

There’s zero risk on this deal. I’ve seen how much a difference automated webinars can truly make to any business that uses webinars as part of their marketing mix.

Sweetener ALERT: Today ONLY
To close the deal and get you excited about a ninja synergy with Facebook, look what else your Cyber Monday Deal includes …

A private invite to the Facebook Pre-Game Strategy” webinar being held December 6th.
This webinar reveals a new, more profitable way to use Facebook than just relying on passive Facebook group members. Once you see this in detail, you’ll want to put this into action pronto.

Watch for the invite tomorrow after you sign up.

This is the last email you’ll receive from me about this Cyber Monday heck of a deal.

Make it count, ok?


P.S. FINAL NOTICE: $1 for 60 days of EverWebinar. Grab the keys to this complete automated webinar and marketing system for a full 60 days. Go here NOW before Midnight Pacific or miss out entirely: {YourAffiliateLink}

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