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Here at Genesis Digital, we’re Industry Disrupters. We build entire BUSINESSES around serving clients and customers in areas which are traditionally under-served and ignored.

That doesn’t mean people aren’t profiting handsomely or we don’t go into huge markets. We just find the BEST ways to add MORE value to existing products. First, we started with webinars. Why? Well, we knew that industry could be shaken up and providers were hardly serving people at all. We saw the potential in people running live and automated webinars...and we saw it could scale big. But there was a big issue. The companies running those programs were giant, but they couldn’t innovate quickly… they were clunky and extremely expensive to put into anyone’s business...let alone someone who was just starting out.


So, We Decided To Offer More Advanced Technology, Attendees, And Benefits.
Fast forward to today: we’re currently serving over 30,000 customers and clients with our webinar, email automation, and customer-acquisition and retention tools.

Fast forward to today

And that means it’s our #1 job to create the BEST business tools, methods, and strategies for a variety of industries. Not just “internet marketing” or the “make money online” crowds. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries and we’re going WAY past webinars…

So Why Promote Our Offers To Your Audience?

In a nutshell, we do the heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to create any fancy products, webinars or swipe file copy. No sir! Why? We’ve done it all FOR you. All that is left on your end is just send your audience to our offers.

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You earn 40% per sale on all of our products.

Because WebinarJam and EverWebinar are a flat fee, you’ll earn a one-time commission based on the annual plan they purchase (which is often around $500 or more).

Kartra works on a month-to-month basis, meaning you earn 40% of their monthly fee for every month they remain a customer…and that could be “forever.”

We care about every lead you bring us. So not only will you earn a generous commission on the product you promote, but when that lead orders one of our other products, we’ll pay you for that too! Since we do our own upsells and promotions, when your customer buys something new from our lucrative sales funnel, you reap the benefit. Without lifting a finger.

Our average sales cycle is seven days with the nearest possible sale starting in as little as one day. Other affiliates might not convert your prospects for weeks, but we’re always refining and testing our process so you can start making sales as quickly as possible.

You won’t have to worry about fulfillment or customer service issues. Our client care team is the best in the industry and will take care of everything so you can focus on the most important thing for your business… making as much money as possible without all the hassle.

There’s nothing worse than making a ton of sales, and then watching your commissions slip away with refunds. Our refund rates are low because we create top of the line products and follow-up with tons of priceless tools to increase engagement and satisfaction with our products.

Clear, concise, easy to read reports. Track your clicks, stats, sales, commissions, ledgers & more! Inside our Partner Portal, you’ll be able to quickly access all the important metrics that show you just how well our offers are performing for you.

We are proud to have an award winning cinematographer and some of the world’s best copywriters on our team. Be it swipe, banners, video or even if you have a custom request, we constantly create and test new copy and sales methods to ensure maximum conversion. All the easy-to-use resources you need to promote our programs are available at your fingertips!

We know video marketing! Genesis Digital is a company founded by a team of top experts in marketing online. As an example, our main sales page for WebinarJam converts at 8.47%. Our promotional partners are seeing EPCs of a whopping $4.54 for WebinarJam. Access all the copy you need to be successful inside our Partner Portal. You send them; we will sell them.

In Short, We Want You To Win Big. That’s Why...

  • We have an incredibly short sales cycle so you get paid faster…
  • Our refund rate is unbelievably low so your commissions stick…
  • You’ll have zero fulfillment or customer support issues because we handle all of that with velvet gloves for you...
  • We're constantly split testing new ads, driving traffic to new funnels and increasing profits in the process...
  • You not only earn commission on WebinarJam, but also on our automated live webinar software EverWebinar. That's the upsell funnel. When your leads sign up to Kartra, you get paid on that too. Every month...
  • When you sign up to be a promotional partner with us, you're not given a link and sent on your way. We’ll continually help you through the process, by adding affiliate tools and email swipes, working with you for interviews and promotions, and even brainstorming strategies with you so that we focus on what makes an attractive offer to your list...
  • Plus, our Customer Success follow-up includes intense support, webinar training, webinar and swipe templates, and case studies to help them achieve their business growth goals. That means we're actively working to make each sale you make "Stick". And once our guarantee period passes, we release the commissions each week...

Basically, we'll be there to help make all of your marketing faster, easier,...and can we say “automatic”? Simply take 45 seconds to sign-up to be an affiliate today.

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